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Feng Shui: Living in Harmony with Nature

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating a living environment which is in harmony with Nature. Modern lifestyles have become increasingly unnatural and turbulent. Human beings have literally lost touch with Heaven and Earth--and as a consequence, suffer many unnecessary ailments and diseases.

The understanding of karma, the knowledge of astrological influences, and the practice of spiritual teachings, will not be sufficient to help a person whose personal living or working environment does not reflect the harmony of Nature.

A Feng Shui consultation for your home, office, or business will include:
  1. An evaluation of the neighborhood and ambience of the general area.

  2. Evaluation of the floor plan of your home, office, or building for optimal positive energy flow. Gardens and backyards will be included.

  3. An evaluation of each room in your home or office, and suggestions for optimizing positive energy flow. I will make suggestions regarding placement of furniture, and their addition or removal. Recommendations of colors, fabrics and textures for walls and home furnishings.

  4. Measurement of electromagnetic fields, microwave, radio, television radiation and other forms of "electronic smog", and suggestions for minimizing their influence. I will test your response to the various "electronic smog" countermeasures available in the marketplace, to ensure their effectiveness.

  5. Suggestions for remedies, both material and spiritual in nature, which will enhance the positive energy flow for each area of the home or office. Traditional and contemporary remedies will be offered, and can be chosen according to your personal tastes, cultural orientation, and spiritual preference.

Each personal consultation includes five levels of traditional Feng Shui:
  1. Landscape of the external and internal environment; home interiors.

  2. Choosing the best compass directions according to the Chinese Horoscope and Pa Kua Trigram, 24 Dragon System, and East-West System.

  3. Choosing the most auspicious placements based upon the Lo Shu "Flying Star" System for annual Feng Shui adjustments.

  4. Location and neutralization of various types of geopathic stress, including Hartmann, Benker, and Curry lines, underground streams, black streams (rotting vegetation), caves, fault lines, negative energy vortices, ley lines, burial sites, mass graves, ritual grounds, and anchor points for curses of various types.

  5. Exorcism of negative entities and spirits. There may be an additional charge for this service, depending upon the severity of the problem.

Stephen Quong offers Feng Shui consultations as an adjunct to his practice of Vedic Astrology, in order to help his clients experience rapid, wholistic improvements with their health, relationships, career, and achievement of their financial goals. Please call (925) 754-8858 during business hours Pacific Time, or email: to arrange a personal consultation.

My Basic Fee Schedule is $1.00/square foot for residential properties, and $1.50/square foot for businesses and commercial properties. Minimum charge is $300 USD for a site visit within 25 miles of Antioch, CA, and $600 USD if further away. Half of the fee must be paid in advance, before commencement of services. The balance is due within 90 days, or upon the completion of the project, whichever date comes sooner.

Please write or telephone for a detailed cost estimate for your home, business, office, shopping mall, or undeveloped property.

A Feng Shui consultation can help you to create powerful changes in many areas of your life. By changing your personal living environment to reflect natural harmony, you may experience Life as the effortless flow of positive energies which support good health, prosperity, happy relationships, and spiritual fulfillment. This is the goal, and the promise, of good Feng Shui.

*Stephen Quong is a certified Qi-Mag Feng Shui consultant, with many diplomas from the Qi-Mag International Feng Shui Geobiology Institute, the world's largest Feng Shui school. Please visit Stephen's main website: for more information.

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